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We want to make you an offer you cannot refuse.


Joyce and Jan will be moving to Zambia, by November 2016. 

The organization is in a dynamic phase, and we are about to establish much of what we are describing on these pages. It is paramount, that we are on base in Zambia, to facilitate and guide these developments.


We want to invite you, to be part of a special group, that makes it possible for us, to do the work, that needs to be done.

If you sign up to give a monthly donation of


100, 500 or 1000 NOK/DKK or


10, 50 or 100 EUR,


for a duration of two years starting from May 2016,


you will be among those, that directly participate in the establishment of the

Cup of Hope, the Lifestyle Clinic and the Farming for Living Initiative.

These should be up and running by the end of 2018.


You will receive personal updates and news and will be part of a raffle.

The winner gets a trip to Zambia, to stay for 4 weeks with us on the projects, and to visit the Great Victoria Falls.

The raffle draw will be taking place end of May 2018, when the projects have become autark.


Every 100 NOK/DKK or 10 EUR count as one raffle ticket.

And this is how it works:


If you support with 10 EUR every month, you will have 12 tickets after a year.

(1 ticket x 12 months = 12 tickets)

If you support with 50 EUR every month, you will have 60 tickets after a year.

(5 tickets x 12 months = 60 tickets)

If you support with 100 EUR every month, you will have 120 tickets after a year.

(10 tickets x 12 months = 120 tickets)


This way, the more you support, the bigger your chances of winning!

INSIDE NORWAY: 1207.36.75128




IBAN: NO69 1207 3675 128


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