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Welcome to the Cup of Hope !

The Cup of Hope is a football tournament for the youth. It targets mainly school teams from age 13 to U-17. But also clubs in that age range can participate, if they fullfill the requirements. 

It started 2015 in Chililabombwe, Copperbelt in Zambia because we wanted to engage the youth and instill hope in them, to hold on to their dreams and to learn teamwork and cooperation with each other to reach the goal. Sulanji Mwabala Naumann, the founder of the Cup of Hope, puts it like this:

"Through this Cup I wanted to give something back to the kids,

that they can prove their talent, their will and their passion for football."


To see the whole statement on youtube, click HERE. From 2015 to 2016 the Cup of Hope has been held in 4 districts, in Chililabombwe, Mufulira and Ndola in the Copperbelt and in Kabwe, Central Province. This has helped not so few youths to focus on positive things and stay away from the streets.


But wait, there is more! Every team that is registered with the Cup of Hope, is participating in a workshop prior to Kick-off. These workshops are facilitated by trained medical missionaries and youth workers, that impute their knowledge about the 8 keys of health to the participants. These keys are of fundamental importance, to gain more strength and vigor, both physical and mental, so the young people can perform also in the future more and more excellent. By these measures we are contributing to building up Zambia as the beautiful and strong Nation she shall be.


Every team that enters into the Cup of Hope on a district level, automatically competes for the Province. The first three teams of every district receive recognition and win the district trophy and medals. They procede to compete with the other district winners for the Province Cup of Hope, which carries prize money. That money can be used to buy new equipment for the school or the club. 



The VISION for the Cup of Hope is national. We want to offer the Cup to every district in Zambia.By playing the Cup of Hope every year, agents and coaches have the opportunity to scout new talents. Once a minimum of seven Provinces are participating for the Cup of Hope,  the

Cup of Hope Zambia opens. This gives the opportunity for all teams, to compete for the national Cup of Hope.


There will be Prize Money on Province level and on National level!


To find out how to register your team for the Cup of Hope, and to participate as a Cup of Hope organizer, please send us a mail to 


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